How to take the brain flu vaccine

A doctor in Melbourne has developed a new medication treatment for the flu that can help people who suffer from the flu.

Dr Michael O’Hara says people with flu-like symptoms are advised to take two pills a day for six weeks.

“We’ve found people have a response and when they are symptomatic and they are taking the medication they’re not as ill as they should be,” he said.

“The side effect is that it can cause side effects, like diarrhea.”

Dr O’Malley said people could be treated with a combination of a neuromuscular blocking agent and the neuromucosal blocking agent NucleoX.

“If you are symptical, you’re probably already having a fever,” he explained.

“Nucleo X is a neuromechanical blocking agent, and it’s very effective at controlling a virus, and if it’s effective, you can take it, you know, and then you can stop having the flu and you can feel a lot better and you’re less likely to go into a fever.”

Dr Alistair O’Brien, chief medical officer at Australian Neurological Foundation, said he was excited about the new treatment.

“It’s not just for the people who are in the flu,” he told ABC News.

“This is a very effective treatment for people who have mild flu-type symptoms.”

Dr Martin Sneddon, from the Australian Neuroscientists Association, said neuromucolytics like neuromukcobalt were being used to treat flu symptoms.

“There are other drugs that work well,” he added.

“These are the drugs that have the best chance of working.”

Dr Sneddo said the new drugs were already being tested in Australia and could be made available in the next few weeks.

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