Health authorities call for vaccination of infants under three weeks old in India

Health authorities in India are calling for vaccinations of infants between three weeks and four weeks old and for mothers to stop breastfeeding if they can.

India has the world’s highest number of influenza cases with over 4,500 confirmed cases.

It is the worst-affected country in the world, with an estimated 30 million people infected.

India has the highest number and highest rate of hospitalizations among the developed countries.

Health authorities in the country have issued advice to mothers that they should not breastfeed their babies, saying the vaccine would not help if babies are infected by influenza.

The World Health Organization has urged India to vaccinate its infants as soon as possible.

The World Health Organisation also recommended the country to allow mothers to breastfeed, as well as to allow their children to leave the house when they are not breastfeeding.

The vaccine would help if the children are not infected.

India currently has the most influenza cases in the developed world.

In September, India recorded the worst ever influenza season in the northern part of the country.

India reported 6,868 new influenza-related deaths, with 5,946 of them in the city of Kochi, which has one of the highest incidence of influenza.

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