DHS officials: DHS medical treatment may be fake

DHS officials said Tuesday that there may be “fake medical treatments” being offered for immigrants who were granted Temporary Protected Status.

“I don’t know if it’s fake medical treatment,” said John Kirby, deputy assistant secretary for immigration and border security.

“But I do know that we’re not going to be able to provide medical care to people who have been here for more than five years.”

According to the official, there may also be other ways for immigrants to receive medical treatment.

Kirby also said that some of the people being given temporary protection are not even eligible for the program.

“This is the first time we’ve had to tell you this, but some of those people have been on the path to permanent residence,” Kirby said.

“Some of them have been living in the United States for five years, and they’ve been granted protection under the law.

They’ve had their fingerprints taken, and their DNA has been tested and their fingerprints matched to those of the applicant.

So this is an opportunity for the federal government to make sure that they don’t have a duplicate, and we’re going to try to provide those kinds of services.”

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been under fire for providing false information to immigrants about the legal status of those who were denied protections.

A report last year found that DHS had not accounted for about 20,000 of the 3.8 million undocumented immigrants who had been granted TPS status.

The report, which was released on May 27, cited DHS as saying that it “does not track the number of DACA beneficiaries that are receiving TPS protection and does not have an accurate estimate of the number that are not.”

The White House has previously slammed the administration for misleading the public about the number and scope of those TPS claims.

The Trump administration has also been under scrutiny for its handling of the DACA program.

A series of reports in late June by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found that the Trump administration had not provided sufficient information about the benefits of DACA and the costs to taxpayers, and that the number awarded to DACA recipients was too low.

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