Disney is looking to bring back the Nightmare Before Christmas trailer as the show’s main title

Disney’s The Nightmare Before Halloween will return to theaters this summer, but not without bringing some new twists on the iconic classic tale of a cursed town.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, writer/producer Michael Dante DiMartino explained that the show will not only continue to revolve around the curse, but will also introduce new characters.

“We’re going to introduce some new characters in the first half of the season that are completely new to the world of the show,” DiMartini said.

“We’ll be introducing some of the other characters that we haven’t been able to do for some time that we’re bringing back.

And then, we’ll have some sort of new story line that takes place after Halloween.”

DiMartino said he didn’t know if the characters will be related to the original film or not, but the showrunners have been teasing the return of Nightmare Before the start of the year.

DiMartinos words came as no surprise, as the series will continue to be adapted for the big screen.

The original Nightmare Before was set in the same setting as the current Disney adaptation, but DiMartoni’s story is not the same as the one he is telling in the film.

Di Martino said that the characters’ storylines are different, and the original Nightmare will continue.

“The idea of it was to build up to the first hour of the film, so that we can get into that world and start building up to what happens next,” he said.

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