The U.S. is facing its most expensive and deadliest drug shortage in years, with one-third of the country’s drug supply out of reach for a third of patients

The U,S.

faces its most costly and deadliest pharmaceutical shortage in decades, with a third and a half of the nation’s drug supplies out of supply for a fourth of patients.

Axios reports that the U.N. and the World Health Organization are warning that more than 3.4 billion doses of cancer treatment medications are currently unavailable for distribution, leaving the U and its allies without the ability to effectively treat millions of people.

The U.K., Germany and Australia have already been hit hard, and many other countries are now facing their own drug shortages, the report said.

The report, which is based on interviews with doctors and pharmacists across the U, said many of the countries with the most severe shortages are in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and it warned that drug shortages could become a real threat for the U., Europe and Asia.

It said there are some indications that the United States is on track to meet its own demand in 2020, when more than 30 percent of Americans are expected to be treated with drugs.

The problem is, the U can’t manufacture these drugs.

And because of the U.’s limited manufacturing capacity, the drug supply will remain stagnant.

And even if we could get the production capacity going, we still wouldn’t be able to get to the demand,” said Dr. James H. Brown, a senior fellow at the New York University School of Medicine.

The shortages have led to a rise in overdoses, which are a leading cause of preventable death in the U of A’s emergency department.

Dr. Brown said that even if the U were to get the manufacturing capacity up, it would take another 20 years for the next generation of drugs to be ready.”

This is going to be the most difficult period in U.s. health care history.

We are not going to have the pharmaceutical production capacity to produce this kind of medicine, let alone the capacity to supply it.

It’s not going go away,” he said.”

It is a crisis that has to be addressed in a global way,” said Dan Kahan, CEO of the Alliance for Medicines Access, or AMA.

The AMA is a coalition of over 40 U.n. member nations that represents a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, health care and agriculture.”

We have to start taking a very hard look at the supply chains, at how do we ensure that we can get to demand,” he told Axios.

Dr. Brown added that the supply chain for medicines is still being developed, and he believes that it could take another five to 10 years before there are enough pharmaceuticals available to be used in the emergency department in the United Kingdom.

The lack of access to the medicine also has led to deaths in emergency departments across the country.

The U of T’s emergency medicine department in Toronto reported that it saw an increase in overdose deaths during the winter of 2016-2017, which has since been linked to the shortage of drugs.

Dr Brown said it’s too early to determine if the shortage has worsened because of an economic slowdown or because of more advanced drugs being developed.

But he added that this shortage could also affect the health care system.”

If we can’t get these drugs, the medical system is going bankrupt,” he added.

Dr H. Scott Wilson, a professor at the University of Ottawa and an expert on drug pricing, told Axio that the shortage is “a really big problem” for the drug industry.”

There is not enough capacity in the industry.

It is very hard to get new drugs in the market.

And this is a very large, large, big problem,” he noted.

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