Medical Treatment Centers in Kerala will be allowed to treat patients under hypothermia treatment

Medical treatment centers in Kerala may soon be allowed by the state government to treat the patients under medical treatments if they are under the hypothermic category.

Under a section titled ‘Medical Treatment Centers’, Kerala Health Minister R K Venkatachalam has proposed the changes in a resolution submitted on Tuesday.

Under the proposed rules, medical treatment centers under the medical treatment category would be allowed under certain circumstances, including when the patients are under hypnosis, or if they have to be given medication by a medical doctor.

However, the proposal to permit the treatment under hypothesis has not been accepted by the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) government.

The PDP has been against the changes.

“Hypothesis is one of the most serious medical conditions.

These are very serious and it needs to be treated under a very strict procedure, so that there is no possibility of any negligence.

We need to have strict procedure in these cases.

So, the new section has not yet been accepted,” Dr P P Kulkarni, member of the PDP, told PTI.

Dr Venkatanchalam has also proposed to allow treatment under ‘other hypotheses’ where the patient has been kept under the condition of being kept under a special bed.

Dr P Kanker, a consultant physician at the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, said the proposed changes in the medical aid laws will bring greater transparency and greater control of medical care in Kerala.

“We want to get a more transparent medical aid system.

It will bring more transparency and control,” he said.

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