Hyperkalemic treatment medication to be sold in US, Canada, Europe as health system tries to tackle infection

The treatment of hypoxemia, the condition in which oxygen levels in the body drop below normal, is already available in the US, the UK and Europe.

Now a company is seeking to bring it to Canada.

The Canadian Pharmaceutical and Health Products Association (CPHA), a trade association, said in a statement Monday it will begin selling the treatment in the United States, Canada and Europe on the pharmacy shelf as early as next week.

It says the drug is available in both oral and injection forms.

The association said the treatment will cost between $80 and $120 for the first six months and will cost $80 to $120 annually thereafter.

The drug is the first to be approved for the treatment by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

In a statement on its website, CPHA said it has received preliminary requests from U.K. and Canadian pharmacists to begin the drug in those countries.

It said it will make the drug available to the Canadian market by January.

CPHA says it plans to begin distribution to Canadian pharmacies by January and will continue to expand distribution to the U, L and EU markets as it continues to meet its regulatory requirements.

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