on the medical treatment website that is available for free from the National Institutes of Health website.

source The New York Times title How to find and use an online medical treatment article An article by Roberta L. Sondheim on how to find an online health care provider and how to use them to find a good provider.

article The New Yorker article A story by Emily Osterman about how to get a doctor’s appointment online.

article CNN article An interview with Dr. Mary Ellen Smith, the chair of the American College of Surgeons, about the issue of online medical care.

article Salon article An excerpt from a column by Dr. Elizabeth Warren, the Senate’s Elizabeth Warren for President, about online health insurance.

article CBS News article An essay by Drs.

Susan R. Korte, Dr. Susan L. Smith, and Dr. Richard P. Gelles, who were the lead authors of the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion, about how it might affect online health providers.

article New York Magazine article An introduction to how to access online health services.

article Forbes article An opinion piece by Dr Sarah M. Anderson, co-director of the Yale Center for Health Policy Research, about a proposal for the ACA to provide tax credits to online health insurers.

article Newsweek article An op-ed in The Atlantic by the authors of a study that found that, compared to people who had health insurance through their jobs, the people who were uninsured through work had a much lower mortality rate.

article ABC News article A report on the health care overhaul that found the online health benefits of ACA online insurance would outweigh the costs.

article MSNBC article An editorial in The New Republic, titled Why we need online health coverage.

article NPR article An NPR interview with an author of the ACA’s online insurance plans, who described his plan to his listeners: “This is the first time I’ve seen people’s lives turned upside down, because of the online coverage that’s being offered.

I think that’s a very, very powerful thing.”

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