‘Cancer patients need better treatment’: Medical marijuana law helps patients

Washington State has a new medical marijuana law, and it’s giving patients a much better shot at keeping their cancer treatments in place.

The measure was approved by voters in November.

Under the new law, medical marijuana dispensaries can only receive tax credits for their sales and must have a dispensary at least 100 feet from a school.

And patients can get a maximum of six cannabis oils from the state.

The bill allows for dispensaries to sell their oils in Oregon, Washington and other states.

Medical marijuana has been a hot topic in recent years with President Donald Trump calling for an end to federal prohibition, but some state leaders have opposed it because it could lead to abuse of marijuana.

The DEA has warned that dispensaries could be a source of money laundering for organized crime.

Medical cannabis is still illegal under federal law.

That means the dispensaries have to register with the federal government and obtain a license from the federal Drug Enforcement Administration.

The bill also allows for a limited number of dispensaries in the state, which are not required to provide cannabis products.

The new law allows patients to buy cannabis oil from a registered medical marijuana dispensary for about $50 per bottle.

The state is also considering requiring the dispensaries to give a limited amount of cannabis to each patient.

The medical marijuana bill also includes protections for patients with certain types of chronic pain, which is expected to increase the number of patients who are able to purchase marijuana for their pain.

It also adds protections for people with cancer, including people with HIV, cancer-related glaucoma, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The new law also creates an oversight board to oversee medical marijuana use by the state’s medical marijuana program, which was established by a 2012 ballot initiative.

The state’s governor, Jay Inslee, signed the bill into law.

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