The Renaissance Medical Treatment of Epilepsy

With the advent of modern medicine, treatments for epilepsy have been evolving quickly.

But some of the most popular treatments for the disease, like laser surgery, are still based on ancient methods of treating the condition in the Middle Ages.

Now, researchers are investigating ways to reengineer the brain to improve its ability to treat epilepsy.

The team, led by Harvard University neurologist George Kirshner, is using stem cells and brain tissue from humans to create a therapy that uses the brain’s own regeneration and repair processes to treat the disorder.

The brain’s cells are made of the same chemicals that give us skin and hair, which allows the body to regenerate and repair damaged tissue.

The brain, which has about 2,000 trillion neurons, is one of the largest and oldest structures in the body.

In order to make the regenerative therapy work, Kirsh, who is also a professor of medicine and neurology at the Harvard Medical School, and his team had to develop a technique that restores the electrical and chemical signals that were lost in the brain after the death of the cells.

The technique uses brain stem cells, which contain neurons, as scaffolds to create new brain cells, and also has the advantage of avoiding the risks associated with surgery and other procedures.

For this study, the researchers used brain stem cell lines from people with epilepsy to create brain cells that are grown in a lab.

They then transplanted them into mice with epilepsy, and then found that the regenerating brain cells could restore signals in the brains of those mice.

“The regeneration is based on what we call a biocompatible matrix, which is basically a plastic material that has the ability to be chemically and mechanically changed in the lab,” Kirshninger told The Associated Press.

“That allows the brain cells to go from one state to another.”

The team hopes that this new method will be a major step toward developing therapies for epilepsy that can be used for treatment in people without epilepsy.

The next step, Kirschner said, is to create treatments that could be delivered by injection.

“There are some things that we haven’t seen before that have potential to be used in that way, but it’s really the next generation of regenerative therapies that are getting to this point,” he said.

Kirshner is also part of a team working to develop treatments for Parkinson’s disease, which affects the muscles in the neck and hands, and which can lead to paralysis and loss of speech.

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