Indian woman, 65, suffers ‘lack of understanding’ after treatment

An Indian woman suffering from fibroadenoses has died after receiving an aggressive treatment regimen of chemotherapy and radiotherapy for an aggressive form of skin cancer.

The condition, which has not been classified as a rare genetic condition, is characterized by the loss of hair, thickening of the skin and thickening and scarring of the affected tissues.

The disease has been reported in more than 100,000 people in India and in other parts of the world.

The woman, aged 65, had been on a five-month chemotherapy course for the condition.

The chemotherapy and radotherapy treatment were designed to reduce her body’s defences, according to Dr Rajeev Gupta, chief executive of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, and an expert in the treatment of skin cancers.

She died on Monday morning, according an official from the hospital.

It is the second case of a woman in the country having been treated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy for fibroadensitis in the past year.

Last year, an Indian woman from the state of Tamil Nadu died after she was treated with the treatment.

The hospital said in a statement that it was not clear what led to the woman’s death.

“We do not know if the patient was taking any medicines and the prognosis was not known,” it said.

“Our focus is now on the immediate and ongoing treatment of her.”

Experts say that treatment of fibroadendoses is very difficult, and that it could take many months to eradicate the disease.

In addition, treatment is expensive and may leave people feeling worse than before.

According to the World Health Organisation, fibroadentosis is a type of skin disease which causes the loss and/or thickening (lack or loss of skin cells) of the layer of skin that covers the eyes, lips, mouth and nose.

People with fibroadenceosis can have a variety of symptoms, including severe itching and skin discoloration, but often it can be difficult to identify because of their appearance and the absence of a visible mole.

Experts say it is difficult to treat the condition, especially for older people, because of the difficulty of identifying it.

In India, the diagnosis is made by the skin cancer diagnosis center, which looks at skin biopsies and tests for abnormal structures in the tissue.

The government has launched an awareness campaign in the last year to raise awareness about the condition and its treatment.

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