Medical aid for Palestinians in the West Bank as humanitarian aid to besieged areas continues to fall

Israel on Wednesday said that a major Israeli humanitarian aid package for the Palestinians had reached Jordan but that the aid was still “not enough” for most of the people in the occupied territories.

The Palestinian Authority said the aid package was being delivered to the Palestinian refugee camp in Ramallah, which is controlled by Israel.

It said the Palestinians would be able to obtain food and other necessities for up to two months, after which they would need more help.

Israel and Jordan have been at odds for decades over the fate of the Palestinians in their territories.

They are governed by the Fatah movement, which has ruled the West and East since 1967.

Israel captured the West bank and East Jerusalem in a 1967 war and annexed the Gaza Strip in a move never recognized internationally.

Israel has a policy of not giving aid to Palestinians who are inside the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

It says giving aid only to those who are directly under Israeli occupation and control, not to those living in the territories as refugees or internally displaced people.

The announcement came after the UN released a report that said a significant portion of the 1.8 million Palestinians in Gaza are forced to live in “unrecognized and inhumane conditions”.

The Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research said the majority of those living there are women and children, including many children under six.

It also said some families live in tents in makeshift buildings.

The Palestinians living in these camps do not receive health care, education, employment, housing or social services.

It added that they have been subjected to violence and discrimination.

Israel’s deputy foreign minister, Danny Danon, told a joint news conference with Jordan’s foreign minister that the package will not cover all the needs of the Palestinian refugees.

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