What can you expect when you have PMDD?

The symptoms of PMDD are a combination of anxiety, depression and fatigue.

These can lead to fatigue, lack of concentration, irritability and poor sleep.

PMDD is also often associated with feelings of shame, self-consciousness and guilt.

PMD can also cause anxiety and depression, and if it persists can lead the sufferer to make inappropriate, potentially harmful comments or behaviours.

PMDs can be difficult to manage.

It can be hard to recognise when a person has it, or when they have been diagnosed with it.

And, it can be challenging to deal with the impact of PMDs on the mental health of their loved ones. 

If you have a PMDD or have any concerns about how you are feeling, you should talk to your GP or mental health team.

PMID: 5246547  PMDD Treatment Medication For PMD Symptoms The symptoms associated with PMDD vary greatly, depending on the medication used, the length of time you have been ill, and the severity of your symptoms.

Some medicines that are commonly used for PMDD include the following: a mild, non-depressant anti-anxiety medication called desipramine

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