How to get a prescription for treatment medication in Canada

TREATMENT MEDICINE CANADA The drug company that makes the pill for the pnes drug, called Nivea, says it will be ready for sale by the end of the year.

The company said Monday it expects to be ready to ship its generic versions of the drug in the next few months.

The Niveas generic versions will be priced from $50 to $150 a pill, and are intended to be a cheaper alternative to expensive, over-the-counter versions.

In an interview Monday, Niveo president and CEO David Deere said the company has been working closely with the FDA and Health Canada to develop a generic version.

He said the product is in testing and has been approved by Health Canada.

It’s expected to be approved in 2019.

“This is our first major milestone in the development of a generic product that will compete with over- the-counter drugs and we have been working with the Food and Drug Administration to make sure that it will meet the requirements,” Deere told reporters.

Niveuas generic version is expected to cost about $20 a pill.

“I’m confident that this will be a significant, significant savings in the cost of care for patients,” Devere said.

The drug maker has received FDA approval for generic versions.

Health Canada approved the generic versions last year.

Noveas generic will be available for about $50 a pill for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other medical conditions.

A number of Canadian pharmacies will start selling the generic version of the pne- medication in early 2019, including a Wal-Mart outlet in Thunder Bay, Ont., a pharmacy in Burlington, Ont.

and a Pharmacy Canada outlet in Ottawa.

The pharmacists will not be able to dispense the drug directly to patients.

In recent months, some pharmacists have started to sell the drug online.

A spokesperson for Pharmacy Ontario said Monday that there is “no information” about when a pharmacy will begin to sell Nivee as well as how many people are currently using it.

“We’re in the process of identifying what the optimal pricing for this product would be,” said Pharmacy spokesperson Katie Hogg.

“There are no current plans to make Nive-a-pill available to the general public.”

Pharmacy officials said pharmacists are working closely to get the generic drugs ready to sell.

Hogg said the pharmacists in Ontario have been using the generic pill to treat patients since November.

“In that time, we have had to develop an effective and efficient way to distribute the product to the pharmacy and it is working very well,” she said.

Hogson said there are no plans to distribute Nivees to the public.

Pharmacy staff said the drugs are available at pharmacies across the country.

The cost of the medication will vary depending on how long it takes to get to a pharmacy, but it could be as little as $20.

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