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How a Medical Treatment Chart Could Save a Kid From a Heartworm Epidemic

By Dr. Jillian D. Smith, MDThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a new guide for families seeking to protect and care for their children.The new guide, released on Tuesday, is the first step in a campaign to...

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How do I stop a fever from taking over my life?

I was at a house party and I got a fever.I couldn’t sleep.I was in my room and I couldn.It was all so dark and so heavy and I just couldn’t fall asleep.But I started feeling better.I went home,...

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Why it’s important to get a flu vaccine (Influenza) report,malari vaccination,vaccination tips

There’s no shortage of flu vaccine options for patients and their caregivers.And the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published its own report on the benefits and risks of flu vaccines.Here are a few of the best...

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How to treat a THP overdose with this sui treatment

Sui medicine is a form of medication that has become a popular alternative to conventional treatment for THPs, and is often prescribed to people who have been in serious or fatal situations.It can treat some types of thrombosis, and...

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